Friday, September 27, 2013

Confusing symbols for Shift, Control and Option keyboard keys

If you use MacBook you might have seen utterly confusing shortcuts like:
confusing shortcuts on MacBook
If you are recent convert to MacBook, just like me, then you will go crazy remembering these shortcuts. You don't see ⌥, ^ or ⇧ keys anywhere but still they are so prominent in each and every shortcut. You don't see them, so you can't relate to them hence they are so difficult to remember.

I did some googling around and found out that old keyboards used to have these symbols (icons or figures) on keyboards:

Now world, even Apple, has moved on but shortcuts are still veteran ones. 

@Apple: You are amongst the most user friendly company on this planet and if you ignore dust like this in some of your alcoves then it's not good. Let's find user friendly and easy to remember shortcuts, Please.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Deciding factor

Life is full of choices and we have to decide. Yes, there are choices even when you fool yourself into believing that you don't have any choice. Sometimes choices are for trivial stuff, other times decisions of life.
Shall I do what is norm or do what I think is right?
Shall I bide time (and count miserable days) with people I don't like or go searching for something better?
Shall I say it or swallow it?
Shall I start my company or keep this well-paying job?
... and so on, questions never stop. So how do you decide?

It's very simple, Choose the path that makes you happy.

If people around you have accepted rat race quagmire life and are carrying on the way it is then decide whether that is making you happy or not. If not, people’s opinion is waste.
If people around you are succeeding by being servile or by falling in line but if that doesn't sound like you. Then decide what makes you happy.
World will push you to some mould and expects you to fit in there. Do you fit in or are you discontent there, decide based on your happiness. But even after spending years inside the mould if you feel you don’t really belong there then it is the time to search for happiness.
Sometime people says that its just short term pain but I’ll happy one day. That one day is today. Tomorrow never comes.
Struggle doesn't means unhappiness. Struggle can be road to freedom, path to happiness. If you've chosen your struggle and it's not enforced on you, then you'll feel happiness even in struggle.
Expectations from family, society, job, friends is just mirage. Once you've decided something then people and environment will mould themselves accordingly. Whatever you decide, you may wonder if that is right and wrong; there is no right or wrongWill you do it if money is not a criterion or if you don’t have to please anyone? Any money, place, person that makes you miserable is Not worth it. 

Choose Happiness.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why not?

Do I need to change my job? Shall I wait for another 3 months?
Do i need to start a startup?
Why should I be the one who stand up for this cause?

Every question you ask yourself you are putting yourself in defense. Reasoning with self is good but asking "do I need to stand up for this?" at the start of reasoning means that subconsciously we've already told our mind that we should not do it. We are reinforcing fear and dissuading courageMetaphorically this is like you telling yourself that you can’t even run 1 km and then try to persuade yourself to run a Marathon.

Why not put ourselves in doer’s shoes and start reasoning/introspection by asking ourselves 'why not?' There are chances that you’ll think from totally  different angle. 
Why not change the company?
Why not start a startup?
Why not I stand up for this?

Why, how, are the words for people finding excuses. 'Why not' is for doers. Why not frees you from shackles of doubt. Doubt is always there, even Mark Zuckerberg was skeptical of Facebook as a company when he started it. In fact every entrepreneur has been. But why not startup? Let’s start up.

When you need to ask yourself any question start with: Why not?