Friday, July 13, 2012

What can i do?

I generally go to this sports complex for jogging. There is a mini football field where 20-25 kids play football regularly. Today, due to Monsoon rain, football field was filled with water. Few of the kids were bantering in a group at a distance whereas few others were standing dejected near the football field. While passing by I told them to ‘do something’ about the field. One of the kids said, in a very sad tone, “What can I do?”

Adversities are always there, small or big. Either we decide to solve problem or excuse ourselves into ‘what can I do’ mode. By passing the buck to the system or to someone else we just try to fool ourselves. Many a time we shirk by saying I can’t do anything substantial. Until we do something how can we decide that it won't be substantial? Substantial is secondary, doing something is primary. 

The kids instead of dropping the ball could have done a lot.
Form a Facebook group and mobilize like minded people to act. System tend to listen to passionate group.
Question right authorities on the right forums
Request people to help you and someone will.
Start a revolution
Start conversation. You might find one of your football buddy’s parent worthy of helping you.
If no one comes then do your part.
If you're not sure what to do, do something.

You can always do something. Always.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Great Thoughts Time

When did you last dedicated time for conscious proactive thinking?
Thinking (more of mind wondering aimlessly) while you are waiting for something (your flight is delayed, etc) is different.
Planning in reaction to something (launched product turned out a dud; missed promotion) is different. 
When you think in reaction to something, there is a worry part attached to it and that inhibits your free thinking. You will not be able to enter into great thoughts territory with worry as your baggage.
‘Great thoughts time’ means you dedicate certain time, may be 1 hour every week, to consciously think Great thoughts. Think which way your industry, in which you are working, is heading? Think what product can you launch that will solve a problem. Think what can be the next app that will make something easier. Think how you can make your current startup into a great company. What’s good, what’s bad and what can be made better. Think how, why, when and what of things.
Great Thoughts Time will take your thinking level to new horizon. It will help you focus on great, bigger problems. It will help you to figure out where the world is heading so that you can go there and solve better problems.
‘Good/better’ can be achieved by planning or run-time thinking but ‘great’ will incubate only in Great thoughts time. 

Find your Great Thoughts time. And Think. Solve bigger problems. 

Richard Hamming talked about great thought time in one of his talks. I would highly recommend this essay.