Monday, June 30, 2008

I guess am in BIG league:)

Isn’t everybody thinks that he\she is in big league when they read some biography or interview about a great person. While reading qualities of great person you always think whether you posses that quality or not; if not you want to add that to your profile asap. Ok cut the crap why I think that I am in big league. For the past few days I am seeing that world in implementing the same ideas that I have thought of. I can’t call them my idea as somebody else has implemented them but it gives me a huge sense of ego boost. It tells me that I think in the right direction. First it happened with mail2blog idea (see my last post) and then next came in line diggnetvibes (putting digg features on netvibes). Today I read about ‘Collaborative Filtering’ which I have been thinking of for the past few days. Its sheer pleasure to know that my ideas are worth some salt and people are implementing them. Now the next in line target for me is how I polish my execution skills that I can implement my ideas faster than anybody else.

Think fast, Implement faster.

The other day I was thinking about a blog where people can post their blog just by dropping a mail to the blog. Sending SMS to a URL and it si getting published caould have also been implemented. Today I realized that someone has already implemented this idea ( So in this lightening paced world in case you have any idea you have to execute it sooner than the speed of the light. Millions of techies are reading same stuff on internet, facing same sort of issues and thinking probably on the same lines to resolve these roadblocks. So the one who will think fastest and execute\implement fastest would get the benefit of the first entrant to the market. Of course your product should be useful to the user but many a times just to make it perfect people take too much time and loose the first entrant opportunity.
Lesson: think fast, Implement faster.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What is BIG Idea?

I created this blog few months back thinking that I would write my big idea and their detailed business plans on this page. However as it happen to most of other things I kept hunting for a big idea to make auspicious start of the blog. It never came. I waited for long to make grand entry that I miss entry itself, be it small. So just like SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) I would pour my ideas continuously on this page. They might belong to any sphere of universe. I believe power on compounding, just like SIP, would make it BIG some day. See you soon and often mate.