Monday, June 30, 2008

I guess am in BIG league:)

Isn’t everybody thinks that he\she is in big league when they read some biography or interview about a great person. While reading qualities of great person you always think whether you posses that quality or not; if not you want to add that to your profile asap. Ok cut the crap why I think that I am in big league. For the past few days I am seeing that world in implementing the same ideas that I have thought of. I can’t call them my idea as somebody else has implemented them but it gives me a huge sense of ego boost. It tells me that I think in the right direction. First it happened with mail2blog idea (see my last post) and then next came in line diggnetvibes (putting digg features on netvibes). Today I read about ‘Collaborative Filtering’ which I have been thinking of for the past few days. Its sheer pleasure to know that my ideas are worth some salt and people are implementing them. Now the next in line target for me is how I polish my execution skills that I can implement my ideas faster than anybody else.